What Rocks Can You Use to Start a Fire?

What Rocks Can You Use to Start a Fire?

Who says you need matches or lighter fluid to start a fire? The ancient and primitive skill of starting one from scratch is practiced by survival specialists, hobbyists, and even the average camper. There are many ways that work!

Starting a fire can be an arduous task for people who have never done it before. With patience, anyone with access to flammable materials can do so without resorting to using matches or lighters – there’s no shame in being honest about not knowing how!

If you don’t have anything but rocks, could you do it? In this post you will learn what types of rocks you need to make a fire.

For example, using flint stones with steel can be successful; however different rocks such as quartz may work just fine too. In this post you will learn the types of rocks you need to start a fire.

Types of Rocks

To start a fire without matches or lighter fluid, you’ll need to get your hands on some flint that’s not too rough. Find the roughest rock in the area and take out any rocks with an orange tint as these are softer than steel for example.

Make sure it has a high silica content so that when striking together–the sound will be loud enough to send sparks flying towards your dry tinder bundle waiting by chance next to where you’re sitting comfortably cross-legged atop of thick carpeting.

Testing the Stones

Rock-testing is one way to determine the fire starting capabilities of a rock. Another option is asking an expert in flint and steel or contacting your local geologist for advice on which type will be best suited to this task, as some types can only be found at specialty shops like lapidary stores.

If you’re less inclined towards testing rocks yourself, try keeping a few handy so that when the need arises they’ll serve their purpose well enough without making things difficult by having been tested first!

Steel Info

The best type of steel is one with a high carbon content. This type of steel can be purchased at a specialty camping/survival shop or online supplier, just make sure it’s the right kind for sparking fires with flint and stone! Other types are often too soft to produce sparks that will light your fire well enough.

Specialty shops like granny-store have them on hand so you don’t even need to go searching around town – they’re easy to find in any city’s downtown area near most groceries stores, pharmacies, department stores where there would be an outdoor section available out front as well if not inside somewhere nearby within eye-shot distance from wherever people might gather outside waiting for their friends and family who happen by while shopping.


If you find yourself lost in the woods with a dwindling supply of matches, or on an island without any lighter fluid, fear not! To start a fire using just rocks and steel wool all you need to do is break off one corner of your stone so it has a sharp edge. Place this rock flat side down near tinder that’s ready to catch sparks- dead dry plant material works best.

Then take some fine grade steel wool (ideally from old cotton cloth) and roll into tiny balls called “frizzels”. Carefully rub these frizzels together until they create enough friction for them spark up like crazy – then gently touch these hot sparks onto the balled end of the rock still resting against your tinder bundle which will catch your tinder.

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